A study on an oil control moisturize developed by Sami / Sabinsa was recently published; An open label clinical study to evaluate the dermal safety ad post-application effect of an oil control moisturizer appeared in the European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (ejbps), 2016, Volume 3, Issue 10, 462-466.

The efficacy and safety of an oil control moisturizer containing Policosanol, Aloe vera extract and Niacinamide as its active ingredients was evaluated. At the end of two weeks of the study period, volunteers using Oil Control Moisturizer Cream showed beneficial effects in the form of reduction in shine on skin, improved skin softness, smoothness and moisturizing effect. Application of this oil control moisturizer is beneficial for oily skin to control excess oiliness of the skin with no reported adverse effects.

Following usage of this oil control moisturizer for two weeks, sebum secretion levels on the forehead skin significantly decreased. There were no complaints of dryness or irritation of the skin during the study, which is notable since consumers often observe those effects with many oil-control skin care products.

Policosanol is a patented ingredient of Sabinsa Corporation, US 7,217,546, IN229695, for control of sebum secretion and as anti-acne component effectively used in cosmetic formulations.

"This study establishes the use of our patented Policosanol ingredient and gives formulators a way forward for an effective natural solution when it comes to sebum control, anti-acne and oil control formulations," said Shaheen Majeed, Marketing Director for Sabinsa.