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Intercharm, Russia's Premier Beauty Show, Is Next

Sabinsa Corporation, one of the first companies to develop active cosmeceutical ingredients from natural sources, is taking natural cosmetic ingredients to a new level with the launch of the D'Cosmix.

The line made its debut at Cosmetics Asia 2013 in Bangkok in late October, generating quite a lot of interest. Sabinsa Russia will launch the line at the InterCharm international perfumery and cosmetic exhibition in Moscow November 27 – 30, 2013. The line is being rolled out in other Sabinsa regions across the globe over the coming months.

"D'Cosmix, a range of dermaceutical composites, is an intelligent integration of science and performance that positively influences the ease of formulating," said LC Mahesh, Sabinsa’s General Manager, Business Development.

Sabinsa Launches D'Cosmix  Range Of Dermaceutical Composites At International Exhibitions

D'Cosmix is the result of over two decades of dedicated research by the Sami/Sabinsa team to develop novel cosmeceuticals derived from natural sources. D'Cosmix provides innovative solutions to create unique formulations differentiated from others on the market, with Sabinsa's expertise available to assist customers in developing their formulas from the range of ingredients offered. D’Cosmix caters to the broad palette of applications in the Cosmeceutical and personal care range that includes anti-aging, anti-acne, calming, hydration, skin brightening and hair nourishment and support, and more. D'Cosmix is designed for use in various dosage forms that include creams, lotions, serums, gels, cleansers and toners.

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   Sabinsa Launches D'Cosmix  Range Of Dermaceutical Composites At International Exhibitions


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