Press Release 2011

Sabinsa has been granted its 67th patent, this one on an invention describing selenium containing dipeptides. The US patent (# 8,003,614 B2) deals with the process of manufacturing pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical applications of small peptides incorporating selenium. New products, namely selenodipeptides, based upon the patent will greatly expand the applications of selenium, an essential element for human nutrition and one in which people could be deficient.

L-selenocysteine is the 21st natural amino acid, a selenium containing amino acid, that is a constituent amino acid in several important enzymes including anti-oxidant enzymes such as glutathione peroxidases in the body. The selenium containing nutrients contribute to the biosynthesis of selenoenzymes in the body and selenoamino acids have anti-cancer and other useful properties.

The small peptides disclosed in the patent are more water soluble and practically devoid of smell. They are expected to have medicinal and cosmeceutical uses modulating the activities enzymes like vascular endothelial growth factor and 5-alpha reductase etc. Some of the selenium containing peptides described in the patent also occurs naturally in plant kingdom.

A leading player in selentium research and sales of selenium based products for many years, Sabinsa continues to innovate and introduce new selenium products in nutrition and cosmetics. The other major products include SeleniumSeLECT®, SelenoForce®, and Methyselene®. The newer products PeptiSeLect® & PeptiSelene®, PeptiSeLect® will add versatility to Sabinsa’s selenium products range.


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