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Sabinsa Corporation will be highlighting innovative products at SupplySide West, to be held at the Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas October 12 - 13, 2011.

Pterostilbene and Curcumin are two ingredients whose demand is heating up, fueled by positive research into their health benefits:

  • Pterostilbene: In response to customer request, synthetic 99% pterostilbene from Sabinsa is now available. Silbinol®, Sabinsa's natural version, will continue to be available for customers who prefer naturally sourced ingredients. Visit the booth to see Sabinsa's Sustainability Document, describing the company's sustainable, natural source of pterostilbene.
  • Sabinsa's Curcumin C3 Complex® is often referred to as the most superior of curcumin extracts. The name C3 Complex reflects its three main chemical compounds - Curcumin, Demethoxycurcumin and Bisdemethoxycurcumin - collectively known as Curcuminoids. Research shows C3 Complex, patented for its unique composition ratio and use, offers consumers a wide range of health benefits. Due to its broad positive impact on many physiological activities in the body, C3 Complex is the first of its kind in a category of nutrients Sabinsa described in 1995 as a "Bioprotectant." Perhaps better understood as a "Super Anti-oxidant," C3 Complex provides optimal protection and integrity to biological systems. With its self-affirmed GRAS status, C3 Complex enters the functional food market with defined categories.

In the probiotic + fiber category, Sabinsa showcases its synbiotic:

  • LactoWise® is a synbiotic, a proprietary composition containing beneficial human intestinal microorganisms and a source of dietary fiber for promoting gastrointestinal health. LactoSpore®, Sabinsa's shelf-stable probiotic, is combined with Fenumannans®, the soluble fiber fraction from the dietary fiber component of Fenugreek seeds. In a set of experiments, sporulation of LactoSpore® was noticed within 45 hours of incubation in the presence of Fenumannans® as the carbon source. On the other hand, there was no sporulation noticed even after 138 hrs of incubation with GOS as the carbon source.
  • Sabinsa Manufacturing, a division of Sabinsa Corporation, now offers an innovative selection of Integrated Nutritional Composites (INC): bi-layered, multi-release nutritional compositions targeting specific health maintenance needs. Carefully formulated, these compositions deliver stable dosage forms of actives that may not otherwise be compatible, or are difficult to formulate. These ready-made formulations, many of which include Sabinsa's science-based patented ingredients, are available in high demand categories such as weight management, heart health and joint support.

Cosmeceuticals are growing in popularity globally, and Sabinsa has been a category innovator since the beginning. Products featured include:

  • SabiWhite® skin whitener and antioxidant 95% Tetrahydrocurcumin, supported by a clinical study.
  • pTeroWhite At a suggested level of 0.1-0.5% w/w in cosmetic formulations, pTteroWhite offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory (anti-aging) support, lightens skin tone; supports dyschromia management, and is a valuable adjunct to sun-care and after sun-care compositions. Laboratory studies revealed its healthful role in offering protection against damaging ultraviolet radiation.

Sabinsa's Coleus Sustainability Program: Stop by to see the slide show describing Sabinsa's extensive cultivation programs for growing the highest quality coleus. Sabinsa pioneered the use of coleus when the company introduced ForsLean® nearly a decade ago, and owns a number of patents on it. Sabinsa has developed partnerships with farmers in several parts of the world in order to ensure product supply will meet customer demand while improving the quality of life of farmer partners and their families.

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