What is BCM-95®† / Biocurcumax™*

  • Standardization of BCM-95®/ BIOCURCUMAX
  • Curcuminoids Complex with volatile compounds : Not less than 95%

Indian patent on Biocurcumax

  • Year 2002-Indian Patent Application filed at Chennai Patent Office (Patent No. 200430). A process and technique to enhance the absorption of curcuminoids
  • Patent method discusses enhancement of bioavailability of 98% pure curcumin from a presumptive benchmark of 60-65% to 90-97% with added turmerone-enriched oil
  • Bioavailability studies were done feeding Albino rats with Curcumin and Curcumin + turmerone-enriched oil (4:1) and measuring excreted curcumin in feces

Is fecal estimation of curcumin, a proper method to estimate absorbed curcumin in the body?

  • Presumption in the patent
    • Bioavailable curcumin = [Fed curcumin minus [Excreted curcumin in feces]
    • The methodology in the patent estimates bioavailability of curcumin by measuring excreted curcumin in feces and assuming the remainder of curcumin as bioavailable
  • The methodology in the patent refers to collection of feces from rats 24 hours after administration of oral curcumin. This is a wrong methodology