AquaSols, “Inspired by Ayurveda – Defined by Modern Science” are a range of Water Solubl Extracts of various herbal materials from Sabinsa. Ayurveda is the traditional practice of medicine in India with a history dating back to 3000 BC. In Ayurvedic tradition of healing, water is the main solvent which is recognized and generally used. In AquaSols, we use water as the major solvent to produce completely water-soluble extracts.


Why AquaSols?

If there is one solvent that is used commonly and widely in most of the foods and beverages it is the Universal Solvent – WATER. What better solvent can one prefer to add the potent natural extracts into other than WATER?
Also, water is one of the main transport systems for the various nutrients within the system. Sabinsa’s global marketing teams felt there was a tremendous scope for this range of Natural water soluble extracts. The research team at Sabinsa Labs, India, recognized this NEED and developed the AquaSol range on a priority basis. We at Sabinsa envisage a great opportunity for the AquaSols Range in the Food and Beverage Industry where fortification and functionality are the buzzwords.

Are AquaSols standardized extracts?

Yes, Standardization is the distinguishing feature for Sabinsa’s phytoextracts. AquaSols are also stan- dardized to specific actives, to ensure that the quality of the extract is consistent, batch after batch.

Do you only standardize water soluble extracts in the AquaSols range?

We at Sabinsa strongly believe in customer convenience and customer support. Under the AquaSol umbrella, we can also offer AquaSol Nutritional Blends.