Newsletters - November-December 2000

Cosmoperine™ (*), chemically known as tetrahydropiperine, is prepared from piperine, the active principle of black pepper and long pepper. It can be added to cosmetic products (e.g. lotions, creams, balms, etc.) to improve skin penetration of the products’ active compounds.

The topical effectiveness of Cosmoperine™ has been reported. Laboratory studies1 with betamethasone dipropionate (BMDP), a steroidal anti-inflammatory agent that is commonly used in topical anti-inflammatory formulations, was absorbed much faster when combined with Cosmoperine™ as shown in Figure 1. Experiments tested the transdermal diffusion of BMDP through hydrated skin mounted on a Franz diffusion cell.

Cosmoperine™ was also found to increase the effectiveness of the insecticide Fenvalerate 20E against the tobacco cut worm Spodoptera litura. This synergistic action is probably linked to the increased cuticular penetration of the insecticidal compound in the presence of Cosmoperine™. In this study, Cosmoperine™ (0.5% and 0.25%) was found to significantly increase insect mortality as compared to the insecticide alone when applied with 250 ppm a.i. of Fenvalerate 20EC (Figure 2).2

(Treatments: A = 250 ppm Fenvalerate 20EC; B = 0.25% CosmoperineTM + 250 ppm Fenvalerate 20EC; and C = 0.5% CosmoperineTM + 250 ppm Fenvalerate 20EC)

Cosmoperine™ does not cause skin irritation. (*Patents are pending for use and composition.)


1.Studies on Transdermal Penetration Enhancement Activity of RD/TP/09" Research Report, Sami Labs Ltd. April 2000.

2. "Determination of Synergistic Activity of Tetrahydropiperine with Fenvalerate 20 EC Against Tobacco Cut Worm, Spodoptera litura, F." Research Report, Sami Labs Ltd. May 2000. Fruits of Piper nigrum


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