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ZeaLutein® is Sabinsa's new, patent pending, stabilized lutein composition consisting of a mixture of natural xanthophyll carotenoid pigments and Bioperineâ, the company's patented nutrient bioavailability enhancer. Obtained exclusively from marigold petals and specially grown cayenne pepper varieties, lutein and zeaxanthin in the composition are protected and stabilized by a proprietary method and blend of compounds called XenoGard®.

Carotenoids have been studied extensively for their role as antioxidants in the prevention of cancer and other human diseases. Their nutraceutical significance is attributed to their well-researched antioxidant and immunomodulating/ immunostimulating actions. These actions are manifested in their ability to reduce oxidative stress and/or depression of the immune system, in conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, atherosclerosis, and some forms of cancer.

The highly unsaturated conjugated chain of carotenoids is very sensitive to air, oxidizing and reducing agents and structural alterations. Lutein and other carotenoids need to be stabilized for protection against environmental hazards and detrimental changes during processing.

Advantages of Zealutein®

Unique composition

ZeaLutein® contains a stabilized selected xanthophylls blend, with enhanced bioavailability. The composition of Zealutein is as follows:

Component Percent
Proprietary natural
xanthophylls blend
5 (minimum)
1 (minimum)
1 (minimum)


*black pepper extract standardized to contain a minimum of 95% piperine) - a bioavailability enhancer (US patent #s 5,536,506; 5,744,161; 5,972,382; 6,054,585)

Here the ratio of lutein to zeaxanthin (5:1) is similar to that observed in the human plasma.

  • Validated biological actions

In laboratory studies Zealutein was found to be an efficient antioxidant and inhibited inflammation and skin tumors in animal models.

  • Enhanced Stability

A proprietary blend of compounds (XenoGard®) in the composition helps to enhance its storage life of and retain its biological activity.



  • Research Report (2001-2002) Studies at Rutgers University, sponsored by Sabinsa Corporation.


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