Health Canada, the federal department that regulates the products that help the people of Canada maintain and improve their health, has reviewed and approved Sabinsa's shelf-stable probiotic LactoSpore® ingredient for sale in Canada. This pre-market safety approval is required prior to natural health products being offered for sale in Canada.

Sabinsa's LactoSpore® Masterfile has been substantiated with the required safety profile, paving the way for customers to request a Letter of Access from Sabinsa, with which the customer can apply for a Product License Application (PLA) with the Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD). Thereafter, manufacturers can obtain NPN number for their formulations containing LactoSpore® for purpose of sales in Canada as a Natural Health Product.

"Our investment in and commitment to LactoSpore® runs deep," said Shaheen Majeed, Sabinsa's Marketing Director. "Realizing in the late 1990's the potential of this ingredient, we invested in our own dedicated manufacturing facility to ensure ample and consistent supply of material meeting our quality standards. We made it a strong candidate for inclusion in functional foods by having it GRAS affirmed. We have now cleared the way for customers to sell products with our LactoSpore® strain in Canada. These are exciting times for this brand and there's more to come this year."