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The market for natural colors in cosmetics continues to expand worldwide on account of increased awareness among consumers of side effects associated with prolonged use of some synthetic coloring compounds, and the current trend towards healthful, natural ingredients in cosmetics. Manufacturers seek natural coloring materials that offer additional multi-functional effects in foundations, lip care products, hair coloring, and other color cosmetics, including UV protection, anti-aging, and related functionalities. Several of the natural colors that meet these requirements evolved from traditional use in foods and cosmetics. These are usually plant pigments or dyes with a history of safe human use. Plant pigments such as anthocyanins, and carotenoids have scientifically validated antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Historically, plant pigments such as curcumin, beet anthocyanins, carotenoids from peppers and saffron, chlorophyll from green leaves, have been used to color food and cosmetics, for centuries. These extracts provide health benefits that go far beyond their coloring properties alone. This overview highlights three other multifunctional natural plant extracts and their active coloring principles.



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