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γ‐glutamyl dipeptides (γ‐Glu AA) are defined in this context as the compounds derived by the acylation of an amino acid (AA) through the γ‐carboxyl carbon of L‐glutamic acid. The resulting amide linkage has sometimes been referred as a pseudo‐peptide bond. The general structure of a typical γ‐ glutamyl dipeptide. The aim of this short review is to highlight the modification of properties of the amino acid which is γ‐glutamylated. Also a brief review of the chemistry leading to γ‐glutamyl dipeptide in a practical and efficacious way requiring the least number of protection/ deprotection steps. The practical applications of the resultant products are discussed. Enzymes belonging to the class called γ‐glutamyl transpeptidases lead either to the formation of this pseudopeptide bond or hydrolysis of the γ‐glutamyl dipeptide into its constituent amino acids depending on conditions.



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