Newsletters - September 2003

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Ingredient compatibility, safety and stability are key concerns in the success of any nutritional or cosmetic ormulation. Sabinsa Corporation’s well qualified scientific staff would be happy to provide formulation development assistance with particular emphasis on these aspects.

Services offered include:

  1. 1. Toxicity testing for ingredient combinations.
  2. Ingredient compatibility studies: Stability and interactions between active ingredients.

In addition, Sami Labs Ltd., Sabinsa’s research and manufacturing facilities in India have the capabilities to conduct efficacy tests for health claims, as well as safety studies on various active compounds, herbal extracts and finished formulations:

A partial list is as follows:

Cosmeceutical Claims:

01. Skin Fairness / Luminosity enhancer

  • Tyrosinase Enzyme inhibition
  • Melanocyte cell culture inhibition studies

02. Anti-wrinkle claim

  • In vitro Elastase inhibition
  • In vitro Collagenase inhibition
  • In vitro Hyaluronidase inhibition

03. Vitiligo support

  • Melanocyte proliferation studies

04. Anti- inflammatory / Analgesic

  • In vitro Cyclooxygenase inhibition
  • In vitro Lipoxygenase inhibition
  • In vitro Metalloprotease inhibition

05. Antioxidant activity

  • In vitro Lipid Peroxidation inhibition
  • DPPH radical scavenging activity

06. Anti-obesity/Weight Management

  • In vitro Pancreatic Lipase inhibition

07. Anti-Cancer activity

  • Liver Carcinoma cell lines HEP-G2
  • Larynx Carcinoma cell line HEP-2
  • Melanoma

08. Transmembrane Permeability studies

  • Franz diffusion studies

09. D ye color uptake in hair swatches

10.Antibacterial activity against:

  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Staphylococcus epidermidis
  • Bacillus subtilis
  • Streptococcus. mutans
  • Escherichia coli
  • Candida albicans

11.Anti-acne studies: activity against

  • Propionibacterium acnes

12.Anti-Dandruff studies: activity against

  • Pityrosporum ovale

13.Pigmentation Enhancing activity (Hair color/ skin tanning)

14.Blood Glucose Management

  • Alpa-glucosidase inhibition activity
  • Alpha-amylase inhibition activity

Safety Claims (with associate groups)

  1. Primary skin irritation
  2. Acute oral toxicity
  3. Dermal sensitization
  4. Acute dermal toxicity
  5. Chronic oral toxicity
  6. Ocular toxicity
  7. Repeat Insult Patch Testing (Human Volunteers)
  8. Bacterial Mutagenicity
  9. Cytotoxicity

Human efficacy claims

  1. Fairness/Luminosity Efficacy Trials:
    The skin melanin index is measured using the Mexameter.
  2. Evaluation of efficacy of under eye preparations:
    Dark circle / puffiness for Under Eye Creams/Formulations
  3. Moisturizing Efficacy:
    The skin moisture content will be measured using the Corneometer.
  4. Skin tone / Age-defying properties :
    The skin roughness will be measured using the Skin Visiometer and the skin elasticity will be measured using the Cutometer.
  5. Anti-wrinkle properties :
    The skin elasticity/wrinkles will be measured using the Cutometer


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