Newsletters - October - November 2004

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The characteristic odor of volatile selenium compounds in L-Selenomethionine is sometimes unacceptable to consumers. For manufacturers of finished formulations, in addition to the odor, precise weighing of the active material poses further challenges.

Scientists at Sabinsa Corporation developed a method to solve both these problems. An odor-free form of Sabinsa's branded ingredient SeleniumSelect ® (L-Selenomethionine) is now available.

The product is now available in the form of coated microspheres (spansules on nonpareil seeds) rendering it more free flowing and easier to work with during tabletting or encapsulation. Due to the inert coating on the active L-Selenomethionine, the slow degradation that generates small molecular weight volatile selenium compounds is reduced or eliminated. These small molecules are the odor producing materials.

By reducing or eliminating this degradation, the unacceptable odor is considerably reduced. Gastrointestinal side effects sometimes reported by consumers are also eliminated. On ingestion, the spansules (and therefore the active L-Selenomethionine) pass through the stomach without producing any gastric irritation.

To the finished product manufacturer, these spansules offer the benefit of improved operational efficiency. When tablets or capsules are made, the actives need to be diluted with excipients to the specified level. With powders, this is never an easy matter and stringent weighing, blending and validation procedures need to be followed during the process. This is particularly critical for L-Selenomethionine, as the dosage per capsule or tablet is very small, and in the range of a 100-150 micrograms. This problem is eliminated with the spansules on the nonpareil seeds. A precise 100mcg can be measured by weighing out 125mg of the microspheres.

This increases the accuracy and consistency of the active compound in the capsules, during formulation.


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