Newsletters - October 1997

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Conventional prescriptions for the treatment of colds include stimulant decongestants such as phenylephrine, phenylpropanol-amine and pseudoephedrine. The side effects of such decongestants may include a jittery or nervous feeling, sleeping disorders, elevated blood pressure and an increased pulse rate. These products are contraindicated in people with irregular heart rhythm, high blood pressure, diabetes or an overactive thyroid gland.

Sabinsa Corporation has recently introduced a natural alternative to these decongestants, the extract of Citrus aurantium L. (immature fruit of bitter orange). The extract has been traditionally used to relieve allergies, asthma, colds and inflammatory conditions.

Sabinsa's product is standardized for 4% of the active constituent, synephrine. The pharmacological actions of synephrine include alpha-adrenergic agonist action. Synephrine functions as a decongestant, while simultaneously maintaining normal blood pressure levels.


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