Newsletters - November 2003

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DigeZyme® is a multi-enzyme complex consisting mainly of amylase (starch hydrolyzing enzyme), protease (protein hydrolyzing enzyme) and lipase (fat hydrolyzing enzymes). In addition to these, it also contains cellulase (that hydrolyzes cellulose) and lactase (that hydrolyzes lactose). The enzymes in this complex are of microbial origin (fungal amylase, lipase, lactase, cellulase; and a bacterial neutral protease). The product is therefore entirely of non-animal origin.

The activities of the constituent enzymes in DigeZyme® are expressed in standard FCC (Food Chemicals Codex) units.

Supplemental enzymes potentially help to improve overall health and nutritional status.

Examples of improvement in nutrient levels facilitated by DigeZyme® are presented below. Groups of volunteers were given the nutrient alone, in combination with BioPerine® (Sabinsa’s patented black pepper extract that enhances nutrient bioavailability), and in combination with BioPerine®



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