Newsletters - November 2003

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In the October 2003 issue of this letter, we presented an overview of some of the new products exhibited at the SupplySide Show.

Of these, Citrin® 65 adds to our popular Citrin® line of ingredients for weight management support. This product is designed to meet the needs of customers who require a Garcinia cambogia extract standardized to 65% (-) hydroxycitric acid. The product is available both in regular and directly compressible (DC) grades.

Citrin® is Sabinsa’s trademarked name for an unique calcium salt of (-) hydroxycitric acid ((-) HCA), an effective weight loss phytonutrient which Sabinsa Corporation was the first to standardize. To enable versatile applications of (-) hydroxycitric acid in functional food products and include the essential health benefits of the mineral potassium, Sabinsa later developed (-) hydroxycitric acid in a soluble form, as the potassium salt Citrin®K. Sabinsa Corporation introduced three new soluble salt forms of (-) hydroxycitric acid in 1998. Citrin®Mg combines the weight loss effects of (-) hydroxycitric acid with the health benefits of magnesium, an essential mineral nutrient for metabolic functions and energy release mechanisms in the body. To provide essential mineral combinations nested in a weight control product, Sabinsa introduced Citrin®Mg/K and Citrin® Ca/K. All these multifunctional products have potential applications as effective nutritional supplements, particularly in sports nutrition. Beverage grade Citrin®K with low color is also available.

Sabinsa Corporation was assigned a patent (U.S. Patent# 5,783,603), for Citrin®K in July 1998. The patent titled "Potassium hydroxycitrate for the suppression of appetite and induction of weight loss" provides methods of appetite suppression, inhibiting cytoplasmic citrate lyase, and increasing fat metabolism in obese subjects, using the potassium salt of hydroxycitric acid from Garcinia fruit.

Citrin® was the first commercially produced ingredient to effectively provide the clinically proven, well documented benefits of (-) HCA to the nutritional supplement industry. Since its introduction in 1991, it has achieved worldwide recognition as the Garcinia cambogia extract that revolutionized the use of (-) HCA for weight management. Garcinia cambogia (Malabar tamarind, Brindall berry) and the associated species Garcinia indica (kokum) have a long record of culinary use. Citrin® does not contain ephedrine or other stimulant compounds. In terms of safety and efficacy, the family of Citrin® products presently available from Sabinsa clearly offer ample (-) HCA options for use in weight management support. We encourage you to contact us about this, or any of the other products from our comprehensive nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and flavor & fragrance lines.


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