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 A cosmeceutical is an ingredient with medicinal properties, which manifests beneficial topical actions or provides protection against degenerative skin conditions. Exposure to ultraviolet light, chemicals and other factors that induce the formation of free radicals causes the skin to age rapidly. Apparent deteriorative oxidative changes triggered by free radicals include wrinkling, hyperpigmentation (excessive tanning) and inflammation (sun burn).

Aging of the skin is a cumulative effect influenced by factors such as environmental pollution, chemicals, and atmospheric temperature fluctuations Ultraviolet A and B radiation from sunlight penetrate the skin and accelerate damage due to free radicals. With prolonged exposure to sunlight, collagen and elastin fibers that maintain the elasticity and integrity of the skin are broken down by inherent enzymes, and skin texture deteriorates.

Natural cosmeceutical ingredients on our list include antioxidants, antimicrobial agents, skin lightening agents and other herbal extracts that support the texture and integrity of the skin and hair. The herbs from which these extracts are prepared, have a long history of traditional "cosmeceutical" use, although the term itself is of recent origin. These applications are now adequately supported with scientific literature and safety data.

The expanding list of natural cosmeceuticals is presented on the back page of this newsletter.

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