Newsletters - April 1998

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In late March, Sabinsa Corporation along with Twinlab, GNC, Nature's Way, Capsugel and a handful of other dietary supplement leaders joined together in exhibiting at the Tokyo Health Industry show in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Gregory Loose, Commercial attache for the U.S. embassy in Japan stated best the objective of having a USA booth at the show when he said "... the Embassy will be using the exhibition and seminars at the Show to hammer home the message of why liberalization of these products is important for the health and welfare or the people of Japan, as well as to showcase products and market development in the United States ... this is the second largest market in the world, and with the population aging faster than any other in the developed world, the promotion of health (including through dietary supplements) must inevitably become a top priority."

Left - Todd Norton, Executive Vice President, Sabinsa Corporation; Middle - Loren Israelsen, Executive Director, Utah Natural Products Alliance; Right - Jeffrey Morrison, President, American Herbal Products Association.


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