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One of the most important nutrients our bodies seem to need a lot of is potassium. Much is lost through daily work and exercise - two hours worth of physical labor will cause the body to sweat off about 600 milligrams of this mineral. And the high salt content in many of our foods - the typical American diet contains about 5,000 milligrams of sodium every day depletes even greater amounts of potassium. It is a well established medical fact that we need more of this nutrient than we may realize.

This is where Tribulus terrestris, or small caltrops root, comes in. This perennial trailing vine is native to India and parts of the African continent. The ancient Greeks recognized it as a useful diuretic, while the Chinese understood that its aphrodisiac properties nearly equated those of ginseng. Tribulus root has large quantities of potassium in it.

Potassium's role in the body isn't to be taken lightly. It promotes a regular heartbeat; assists in muscle contraction; regulates the transfer of nutrients to cells, such as oxygen to the brain and calcium to the nervous system; and, along with sodium, regulates water balance in the body.

The advantages to using Tribulus terrestris on a regular basis are these: (1) It is readily available and inexpensive; (2) It is safe to use; and (3) You only need one supplement to accomplish a number of biological functions: strengthen kidneys; improve sex drive; reduce hypertension; remove cramps; and prevent stroke. Tribulus terrestris has become a commonly used herbal supplement by professional and amateur body builders.


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