Newsletters - March 1998

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Over the last decade, there has been increasing interest in the Indo-Tibetan systems of medicine in the U.S. The Dharam Hinduja Research Center at Columbia University, New York, triggered academic interest in this field in 1994 by providing a podium for the exchange of ideas between Ayurvedic experts and Western health professionals.


Sabinsa Corporation which pioneered the introduction of several ayurvedic herbal extracts to the U.S. market was part of this effort recently, when Dr. Vladimir Badmaev, Vice President, Scientific and Medical Affairs, was invited to speak on "Herbal Pharmacology in the Indo-Tibetan Medical Tradition: Current Research and Development." His talk focused on the integration of current concepts in human physiology and pharmacology with the treatment modalities offered by the ancient systems.

Medical professionals and others attending the lecture gained valuable insight into the science behind the age-old herbal approaches to the management of various disease conditions.


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