Sabinsa Corporation turning twenty in 2008, remains committed to its founding principles of “Innovating for the Future from the Past”. Over the years we adapted phytonutrients with a history of food and medicinal use to applications in dietary supplements, functional foods and cosmetics, for preventive health maintenance.

With our expertise in phytochemistry, medicinal chemistry and organic synthesis, we embarked on developing innovative molecules and compositions from nature, for use as therapeuticsin the treatment of chronic disease conditions

A milestone in Sabinsa Corporation’s pioneering efforts in the field of phytonutrients for health and well being, was achieved in 2006, with the approval of Ocufors‚ a branded and patented composition of forskolin eye drops as a natural drug for the management of glaucoma, by the Drugs Control General of India.

Forskolin is the active ingredient in ForsLean‚ Sabinsa’s award winning, and patented, standardized natural extract, used in dietary supplements for weight management support. ForsLean efficiently and safely enhances lean body mass at the expense of body fat, improving body composition, and body mass index (BMI).