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Selenium and vanadium are reported to mimic the blood sugar regulatory functions of insulin in laboratory studies. Insulin regulates cellular and metabolic processes as well as gene expression. The insulin-like actions of selenium and vanadium include participation in glycolysis, in the pentose phosphate pathway and in fatty acid synthesis. Selenium is also reported to play a role in reducing the oxidative stress associated with diabetes.1

The mechanism by which selenium mimics insulin action is not clear. Reports indicate that selenium activates key proteins involved in the insulin-signal cascade. Various proteins in the insulin-signal cascade have been shown to be necessary for different insulin-regulated events.2

Berg et al.3 reported that administration of vanadate or selenate to streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats not only normalized blood glucose levels in a manner similar to insulin but also positively affected the expression of two key metabolic enzymes, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PDH) and fatty acid synthase (FAS). Both G6PDH and FAS activity are reported to significantly decrease in diabetic animals compared to non-diabetic controls. Treatment of the diabetic animals with either insulin, vanadate or selenate restored the activities of both enzymes to about 80-90% of their normal values. (The main biological function of G6PDH is to support reductive biosynthesis as well as to maintain an environment in the tissue, thereby preventing free radical induced damage leading to cataract formation4 and other secondary complications of diabetes.)


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