Newsletters - July 1997

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Sabinsa has recently introduced a new form of organically bound vanadium, Bisglycinato-oxovanadium (BGOV), to its product list. BGOV is a vanadium complex with the amino acid glycine and contains 23% elemental vanadium (anhydrous basis). The choice of glycine as a carrier of vanadium has been made based on its diverse role in metabolic processes.

Vanadium belongs to the group of biologically important "transition" elements. Apart from its potential role as a building material of bones and teeth, vanadium has been shown to have a promising application as a substitute for insulin through the activation of insulin receptors. Vanadium is highly valued by body builders and athletes who claim that it increases their energy levels and endurance.

The organic forms of vanadium are recognized as being safer, more bioavailable and therapeutically more effective than the inorganic sulfate form.


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