Newsletters - January 2000

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Sivaprakash K. Balakrishnan is R & D Manager at the Sabinsa’s Princeton NJ facility. With a Masters degree in Applied Chemistry from India, Sivaprakash has over ten years experience in product development and research in synthetic organic chemistry, natural products, perfumery/flavor chemistry and insecticide formulations. Sivaprakash worked with Smith Kline Beecham and Reckitt and Colman (R & D), before joining SAMI Labs Ltd., Sabinsa’s manufacturing facility in India, five years ago. During his tenure with SAMI Labs Ltd., Sivaprakash also gathered hands on experience in the scale up and standardization of manufacturing processes for herbal extracts, nutritional raw materials and specialty chemicals. At Sabinsa R & D, Sivaprakash applies his knowledge and experience to developing cost-effective processes for the manufacture of specialty chemicals and nutritional raw materials.


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