Newsletters - February 2000

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Green Tea 30-42 wt%
Oolong Tea 08-20 wt%
Black Tea 03-10 wt%

(*Catechins are mesured as wt% of extract solids)

Initial benefits of oolong tea were first noticed after 1-2 weeks of treatment. Marked to moderate improvement was observed in 74 (63%) of the 118 patients after 1 month. After 6 months of treatment, a good response was still observed in 64 patients (54%). The authors attribute oolong tea’s beneficial effects in the recalcitrant AD cases to the antiallergic properties of the tea’s polyphenols.

Sources: 1. Atopic Dermatitis (publication of the National Institutes of Health and the National Institutes of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. 2. Uehara, M., Sugiura, H., and Sakurai, K. (2001) Arch Dermatol. 137, 42-43. 3. Graham, H.N. (1992) Prev. Med. 21, 334-350.

Sabinsa Corporation supplies two grades of green tea, one standardized for a minimum of 40% catechins and the other for a minimum of 75%. Green Tea CG (cosmetic grade) is also available. It is standardized for a minimum of 75% catechins. Please contact Sabinsa for information about our green tea products and the other products of our nutritional, cosmeceutical, and functional food lines.


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