Newsletters - February 1998

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Citrin is Sabinsa's trademarked name for an unique calcium salt of hydroxy citric acid, an effective natural weight loss phytonutrient from Garcinia cambogia, which Sabinsa Corporation was the first to standardize. To enable versatile applications of (-) hydroxy citric acid in functional food products and include the essential health benefits of the mineral potassium, Sabinsa later developed (-)-hydroxy citric acid in a soluble form as the potassium salt, Citrin®K.

Sabinsa Corporation now introduces new soluble salt forms of Citrin®. Citrin®Mg combines the weight loss effects of (-)-hydroxy citric acid with the health benefits of magnesium, an essential mineral nutrient for metabolic functions and energy release mechanisms in the body. To provide a winning mineral combination nested in a weight control product, Sabinsa also introduces

Citrin®MgK. Both new multi-functional products have potential applications as effective nutritional supplements, particularly in sports nutrition.


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