Newsletters - February - March 2000

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A new study confirms that an ointment preparation containing 5% Boswellin® is free from dermal toxicity. In this study, 15 healthy volunteers in the 23-41 year age group were subjected to patch tests on five healthy forearm skin areas each. Finn chambers, a patch test device that provides good occlusion because of the chamber design, were used. The ointment was applied onto a vaseline album and also introduced into empty Finn chambers.

No skin reaction in terms of erythema, papule, blisters, dryness, itching, burning or odor was reported by any of the volunteers after 24 and 48 hours. Objective evaluation by the examining doctors also revealed no untoward reactions, with identical results being recorded for the vaseline album and testing in an empty Finn chamber. The preparation containing Boswellin® was thus well-tolerated by all the volunteers. It was therefore concluded that Boswellin® is a safe topical agent that does not sensitize the skin or manifest dermal toxicity.


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