Newsletters - Dec 2002

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Muhammed Majeed, Ph.D., Founder & CEO

The 1990s witnessed phenomenal growth in nutraceutical markets across the world.

Sabinsa Corporation pioneered the introduction of several nutraceutical raw materials of Indian origin to global markets, during this phase. We now stand at the threshold of a maturing market that increasingly demands scientific foundations. With over a hundred scientists dedicated to herbal extracts and plant methodologies, we stand at the forefront of these challenges.

Quality and excellence have been, and will continue to be, the guiding principles behind our efforts to bring time-tested nutraceutical ingredients to the expanding marketplace. Our research efforts span all areas of nutraceutical development – cultivation, collection, processing, standardization, analytical methodology and storage stability. Our manufacturing facilities have been upgraded to include state of the art processing technology such as supercritical fluid extraction, to meet global regulatory needs.

In light of media reports that reflect poorly on the nutraceutical industry, increased emphasis on quality and innovation is warranted. We meet this challenge through developing research driven products with claims that can be patented and commercialized. Our research groups both in India and the US, work toward developing novel ingredients and processes, to meet a wider range of preventive health maintenance needs.

This year, we were granted a US patent for Gugulipid® that describes the role of this versatile natural extract in preventing inflammation and tumor development. Over 14 other patent applications related to natural extracts and nutritional fine chemicals filed in 2001-2002, are currently being processed.

As always, we will continue to foster the tradition of quality and innovation that you have come to expect from SABINSA, in the coming year and in the years to come.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.


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