Newsletters - August 2004

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Black Cohosh Cimicifuga racemosa Extract) standardized to contain a 2.5% triterpenoid saponins, offers nutritional support to women in managing menopausal symptoms.


Cnidium monnieri Extract standardized to contain 8% osthole supports hormonal health and healthy immune functions.

Cratavin® Crataeva nurvala Extract) standardized to contain 1.5% Lupeol offers natural support to urinary health maintenance.


Ellagic Acid is a versatile antioxidant with potential applications in cardiovascular support formulations.

Horny Goatweed Epimedium sagittatum ) Extract standardized to contain 10%, 20% and 50% Icariin, offers circulatory support, reproductive health support and liver support.


Fabenol ® Phaseolus vulgaris Extract) contains an alpha -Amylase inhibitory protein, that supports weight management, through inhibiting carbohydrate breakdown and absorption.

Grape Seed Vitis vinifera ) Extract standardized to contain 95% proanthocyanidins offers antioxidant and immune support.


Muira puama A natural extract that supports men's health.


Naringin derived from grapefruit ( Citrus paradisi ) is a bioflavonoid offering antioxidant action and cardiovascular support.

Policosanol derived from sugarcane wax supports the management of healthy blood lipid levels. It also has versatile cosmeceutical applications, in supporting the management of acne and as a natural emollient.

ProtoTrib ® Tribulus terrestris Extract) is standardized to contain 20% protodioscin, with applications in sports nutritional products.

Salaretin ® Salacia reticulate Extract ) standardized to contain 1%Mangiferin and 20% triterpenoid saponins supports the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels and supports weight management .

Ursolic Acid derived from rosemary leaves offers anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant protection, and supports tissue integrity .

Xanthoparmelia scabrosa Extract supports healthy immune functions and reproductive health.



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