Newsletters - August 2001

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The therapeutic benefits of fruits and vegetables on the risk of cardiovascular disease have been partly attributed to carotenoids. Consequently, studies have focused on the effects of carotenoids on cardiovascular health.

Dwyer et al.1 investigated the protective effects of lutein, an oxygenated carotenoid, against early atherosclerosis. Lutein’s effects were determined by studying 1) the progression of intima-media thickness (IMT) of common carotid arteries in relation to plasma lutein of 480 utility employees over an 18-month time period, 2) lutein’s impact on monocyte response to artery wall cell modification of LDL in a coculture of human intima, and 3) the impact of lutein supplementation on atherosclerotic lesion formation in apoE-null mice and LDL receptor-null mice.

The results revealed that IMT progression declined with an increasing quintile of plasma lutein, LDL-induced migration was inhibited in the coculture of human intima pretreated with lutein, and the size of atherosclerotic lesions were reduced in apoE-null mice (44% reduction) and LDL receptor-null mice (43% reduction) supplemented with lutein.

Source: 1. Dwyer, J.H. et al. (2001) Oxygenated carotenoid lutein and progression of early atherosclerosis: the Los Angeles atherosclerosis study. Circulation 103, 2922-2927.

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