Newsletters - August 2000

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Sabinsa Corporation is pleased to announce the completion of three, new, product websites,,, that describe Sabinsa’s leading products, BioPerine®, ForsLean®, and Tetrahydrocurcuminoids, respectively.

BioPerine® is a nutrient bioavailability enhancing, standardized extract from the fruits of Piper nigrum L. (black pepper) or Piper longum L. (long pepper).

ForsLean® is a proprietary, standardized extract from the roots of the Coleus forskohlii plant that is clinically proven to promote lean body mass. It is the only known plant source to contain a compound called forskolin.

Tetrahydrocurcuminoids (THC) are derived from curcuminoids (extracted from the roots of Curcuma longa, commonly called Turmeric root). THC is colorless, unlike the yellow curcuminoids. It could therefore be used in color free food and cosmetic products that currently employ conventional synthetic antioxidants.

More individual websites for Sabinsa’s products are coming! Please visit,, and for in depth information about these individual products or visit Sabinsa’s main website,, for an overview of all products from Sabinsa’s Nutritional, Functional Food, and Cosmetic lines.


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