Newsletters - August 1998

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Sabinsa Corporation supplies several ingredients for use in topical formulations. These include fine chemicals and herbal extracts. A few are described here:

  • Aleuritic acid, a potential substitute for alpha-hydroxy acids and valued for its antioxidant action on the skin
  • Boswellin®, the standardized extract (65% boswellic acids) from Boswellia serrata is a clinically proven anti-inflammatory agent
  • Capsaicin, from Capsicum annum is classified by the FDA as a counterirritant, a substance which may be deliberately applied to the skin to relieve more serious symptoms such as inflammation and pain. Three types of standardized Capsaicin products are available: 40% capsaicinoids, for topical use only; 75% capsaicinoids, two grades, for topical and oral use, respectively and 95% capsaicinoids, which conforms to USP specifications, for topical use
  • Centellin®, the standardized extract from Centella asiatica contains triterpenoid saponins (8.0% triterpenes, with a minimum of 0.5% asiaticoside). Centella asiatica has been used traditionally in the management of skin disorders. The extract has also been included in anti-aging creams and other topical formulations useful in retarding free radical mediated degenerative changes in the skin
  • Green tea extract is standardized for a minimum of 75% catechins. The catechins are proven antioxidants, useful in retarding the damaging effects of ultraviolet light and other free radical inducing factors. This extract could therefore be included in antiaging and skin protective formulations
  • White curcuminoids, otherwise known as Tetrahydrocurcuminoids, is a patent pending derivative of curcuminoids (the antioxidant principles in Curcuma longa). This color free product finds increasing applications in cosmetics

Ongoing research at Sabinsa Corporation continues to find other products with potential applications in cosmetics


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