Newsletters - August 1997

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The latest addition to Sabinsa Corporation's comprehensive list of quality products is Chrysin (5, 7-dihydroxyflavone). This compound belongs to a biologically active class known as bioflavonoids. Chrysin has been isolated from Passiflora plants, such as P. coerulea (used as a sedative in folklore medicine) and P. incarnate (maracuja "passion flower" which is well known in traditional medicine for its diverse biological effects).

The effects of Chrysin include anti-inflammatory action, antiviral (including anti-HIV) action, vasodilatory effects and anxiety-reducing action. Chrysin has also been shown to have a potential role in drug metabolism and the chemoprevention of carcinogenesis.

Laboratory studies, on in vitro and animal models, revealed that Chrysin inhibited the secretion of lysosomal enzymes and arachidonic acid, as well as the degranulation of mast cells, thereby reducing inflammation.


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