Press Releases 1996

Sabinsa Corporation has been granted a patent on Bioperine', a new ingredient developed by the company which has been shown to increase the bioavailability of supplements.

The US patent #5,536,506, granted July 16, 1996, covers composition, method of process and use of the ingredient. Worldwide patent applications are pending.

In Clinical studies discussed, Bioperine, consisting of at least 95% alkaloid piperine from fruits of the black pepper, was evaluated for bioavailability in human volunteers. The categories evaluated with and without Bioperine were fat soluble (beta carotene), water soluble (vitamin B6), a mineral (selenium in the form of Selenomethionine), and a therapeutically important ubiquinonel0 (Co Q10).

The results showed that volunteers from the control group receiving the supplement with a placebo were found to have significantly smaller increases in blood levels of the supplement than those from the group receiving the supplement with Bioperine. The group receiving Bioperine had a 60% increase in blood beta carotene levels as compared to the group receiving beta carotene alone. The vitamin B6 increase was higher than beta carotene, the selenium levels increased by 30%, and the Co Q10 levels increased by 30%. All studies used Bioperine in the amount of 5 mg per dose, per day.




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