Sabinsa, a pioneer in nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industry founded by Dr. Muhammed Majeed in 1988, had a very successful incosmetics Global show in Barcelona, Spain March 27-29th, with staff members from the company’s offices in Spain, Poland, and Germany showcasing Sabinsa’s innovative ingredient products.

Sabinsa's stand attracted a huge amount of traffic, with much attention give to Curcumin C3 Reduct®, which was also displayed in the area dedicated to showcasing the expo’s most innovative products. Curcumin C3 Reduct® is an innovative product in the nutricosmetic and personal care sector with proven science and efficacy and no regulatory hurdles such as REACH or EFSA. The advantage of direct assimilation in the body allows nutricosmetics and personal care product formulators to meet the demands of consumers seeking proven and science-backed products. Curcumin C3 Reduct® provides holistic health benefits for longevity and balanced oral microbiome.

Other products that were of great interest to attendees included Proscalpin® and LactoSporin. Proscalpin® is a patented (US9498423) herbal hair care product that contains Cococin® (Cocos Nucifera liquid endosperm), Saberry® (Emblica Officinalis fruit extract), and PeptiSeLect (a naturally occurring Selenium-containing peptide in garlic) to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Consumers in hair care category are looking for products with significant and long-lasting effects, which is exactly Proscalpin® offers.

At a time when many formulators are looking for postbiotic products which are clinically studied for their efficacy, LactoSporin was of major interest to visitors, with formulators particularly interested in the related studies on skin, hair, and oral care.

Products with clinically-studied radiance and brightening benefits. Artonox®, Sabiwhite®, and pTeroWhite®, were also displayed.

Sabinsa's active ingredients, which are used in many formulations, add immense value to the end products,” said Dr. Umar Jan, Sabinsa Europe President. Sabinsa remains strongly committed to introducing new, innovative products for the cosmetic and personal care industry, and we look forward to their receiving equally strong interest at future incosmetics Global expos.”

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