Sabinsa has developed a new product sourced from turmeric, yet another innovation stemming from their deep research into that revered root. CurCousin™, Sabinsa’s latest branded ingredient, contains Calebin A, a curcumin analog naturally present in Curcuma longa and Curcuma caesia.

CurCousin™ helps balance cholesterol and support healthy blood sugar levels and circulation. It also supports a healthy body weight by inhibiting adipogenesis (fat cells). The product is clinically studied with a dosage of 25 mg twice a day. Sabinsa holds 65 US and international patents on this product, which has self-affirmed GRAS status.


A published study led by Sabinsa chairman and founder Dr. Muhammed Majeed evaluated the clinical efficacy and safety of Calebin A in managing weight in 40 obese or overweight individuals for 90 days. The subjects were administered Calebin A capsules (25 mg, one capsule twice a day). Significant reduction in body weight and body mass index were observed in the Calebin A group compared with placebo after 90 days. Additionally, a significant change in serum biomarkers like leptin, adiponectin, and cortisol was observed in the study subjects, with improved blood lipid profiles. Moreover, Calebin A was found to be safe and well-tolerated by all the subjects.(1). The clinical study showed that Calebin A is effective in managing healthy body weight by inhibiting adipogenesis and is an ideal candidate to support metabolic health.

“Deep knowledge of curcumin has been a passion of our research teams for many years, and has resulted in industry leading ingredients like Curcumin C3 Complex®,” said Dr. Majeed. “We’re enthusiastic about the potential of CurCousin™ and eager to share details about it with our customers across the world.”

1 Majeed et al., International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma Research, 4(11): 10-17 (2016).