In research recently published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine,, researchers from Turkey investigated the effects of Pterostilbene, provided by Sabinsa, in experimental diabetes in animals. The researchers found that Pterostilbene not only controlled the weight loss observed in diabetic animals, it was effective in reducing blood glucose levels and also in increasing serum insulin levels. The antioxidant activity of pterostilbene was confirmed by reduced malondialdehyde levels.

The researchers also compared Pterostilbene vs Resveratrol and noted that Pterostilbene excelled over Resveratrol in almost all major parameters, which they attributed to its superior bioavailability and activity.

Diabetes is known to cause damage to structure, morphology and contractility of skeletal muscles, so that was also investigated. In this research, Pterostilbene was shown to reverse, in a major way, the skeletal infirmities caused by diabetes as judged by the restored values of isometric contraction parameters of gastrocnemius muscle significantly affected by diabetes.

“Diabetes is a highly debilitating disease diagnosed as afflicting nearly 10% of the US population with an equal percentage of undiagnosed, with the total cost of diagnosed diabetes in the US alone amounted $327 billion in 2017, said Nagabhushanam Kalyanam, Ph.D., Sabinsa’s President of Research and Development. “While pharmaceutical treatments continue to evolve to contain the effects of the disease, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diets increase the diabetes population. Dietary supplementation is a robust add-on method to control the effects of diabetes without side-effects.”

Sabinsa offers various strengths of Pterostilbene including >99%. It also offers natural Pterostilbene >90% in commercial quantities. Numerous publications covering the various beneficial health aspects of Sabina’s Pterostilbene-containing products, trademarked Silbenol®, have appeared in peer-reviewed literature with this present paper the latest member in the series.