Press Release 2014

Sabinsa Corporation and its sister company Sami Labs have received a number of new patents, bringing the company's patent portfolio to 87. With so much Intellectual Property to protect, the company has also increased enforcement action world-wide.

"With 100 scientists continuing to research naturally derived herbal remedies to address common health concerns our patent portfolio is growing exponentially, so we have strengthened our legal teams accordingly to protect our IP," said Dr. Muhammed Majeed, Chairman & Founder of the Sami & Sabinsa group of companies. "As we work to find safe and effective ways to keep the world's population healthier, ensuring that our patents are protected allows us to continue to invest in innovation. Our responding strongly to patent infringement protects the investment of our customers at the same time."

    The new patents include:
  • Hong Kong patent (HK1098450) for the proprietary process technology behind the Ocufors® formulation and ophthalmic applications thereof. The process steps delineate a method of solubilising diterpenes using Randomly Methylated Beta Cyclodextrins (RAMEBCD)
  • Ocufors® was also the subject of the Canadian Patent 2537820. This patent discusses a unique proprietary methodology to solubilize diterpenes like forskolin using randomly methylated β-cyclodextrins. The patented solubilization method enhances the application of diterpenes in ophthalmic therapy
  • New Zealand issued patent NZ598630 for the proprietary Saberry® and Cococin® synergistic formulation and its protective effect on the dermal papilla cells. It is noteworthy that this invention earlier had been awarded the US Patent (US8247003).
  • PteroWhite® was awarded the DPR Korea Patent 1011504. The patent discusses the ability of pterostilbene to modulate melanogenesis and skin hyper pigmentation
  • US patent (US8394852) for the inotilone derivatives (composition of matter). The invention delves into the synthetic routes for derivatives of 5-methyl-3(2H)-furanone compounds, compositions of matter and biological applications thereof.
  • US patent (US8383594) for OLEPENT®. The invention titled "Peptides modified with triterpenoids and small organic molecules: synthesis and use in cosmeceuticals" is specifically directed to a unique pentapeptide linked chemically to the plant derived Oleanolic acid and cosmetic compositions thereof. With a proven potential for regenerating the dermal matrix OLEPENT® is considered a technological breakthrough in the cosmeceutical sector, more specifically in the Anti-aging range of ingredients
  • European Patent EP1791423 for BOSWELLIN®. The patent discusses the unique therapeutic potential of boswellic acids in combination with selenium amino acids to effectively manage inflammatory conditions of immunological origin like psoriasis


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