Press Release 2014

Just in time for legitimate dietary supplement manufacturers to differentiate their products from the inferior spam-touted forskolin products driven by Dr. Oz and SPAM emails, Sabinsa introduces ForsLean® Soft Extracts, a high purity viscous paste of coleus extract by the company that pioneered coleus forskohlii for use in weight management around the world.

A Dr. Oz segment asking "Are you ready to make your stubborn stomach fat instantly disappear?" implied forskolin magically creates a flat belly. We respectfully disagree with Dr. Oz in such miraculous claims. We do, however, appreciate that he mentioned our studies on bone mineral density increase, testosterone support and increase in lean body mass, all of which were clinically shown with ForsLean. But most of his hyperbole was much like the SPAM emails touting knock-offs marketed with the "lose weight without no diet or exercise" claim the FDA frowns upon and which may discredit legitimate coleus products.

In light of the grilling Dr. Oz received during the US Senate Subcommittee hearing "Protecting Consumers from False and Deceptive Advertising of Weight-Loss Products," the subsequent deluge of media coverage and particularly comedian John Oliver's scathing representation of the supplement industry, which had over 3 million views in two weeks, Sabinsa once again encourages marketers of coleus products to align themselves with the clinically studied ForsLean brand and promote a healthy lifestyle to market legitimate weight management products.

Available in 10% and 20%, these extracts are manufactured using no residual alcohol via Sabinsa's Super Critical Technology Extraction process. Sabinsa, as the premier research company behind the discovery of coleus forskolhlii's weight management potential, began working to produce this new form of coleus to open up the avenues of use for its ForsLean® brand beyond capsules and tablets. While powder extracts sourced on a price-driven commodity basis are prone to contamination, Sabinsa's strict quality control from the ground up has led them to other areas of development for coleus, including this recent innovation in extracting coleus forskohlii using super critical technology, leading to a purer form which comes out as a viscous paste, ready for soft gel applications.

"We've expanded our coleus cultivation program with farmers throughout India and ramped up production, including upgrades to our facilities to help with the intermediary steps," said Sabinsa Marketing Director Shaheen Majeed. "We're prepared to make sure that serious marketers can have access to Sabinsa's coleus ingredient, in order to ensure consumers have the real deal."

ForsLean® Soft Extracts will be priced similar to Sabinsa's regular grades, ForsLean 10% and 20%. ForsLean® ( is the only branded coleus forskohlii ingredient in 7 clinical trials worldwide, and the first coleus patented for Lean Body Mass. Sabinsa’s intellectual property behind ForsLean has been upheld by several court challenges by infringers.


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