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Sabinsa Corporation will hold a day-long science summit near Salt Lake City on September 17, 2013 for the company's customers. The topics presented at Sabinsa on Wheels will include the latest clinical studies conducted on Sabinsa’s proprietary dietary supplement ingredients in the most important health categories, and a glimpse of new, innovative products to be offered for exclusive licensing later this year, as well as observations by two noted industry experts.

Presenters will include:

  • Nagabhushanam Kalyanam, PhD, President of R&D, Sabinsa
  • Reza Kamarei, PhD, Vice President of Science & Technology, Sabinsa
  • Anurag Pande, PhD, Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Sabinsa
  • Sarang Bani, Vice President (R&D) and Head of Biological Services, SAMI LABS, Ltd.
  • Enkhmart (Michelle) Dudleenamjil MD, PhD, Technical Service Manager, Sabinsa
  • Shaheen Majeed, Marketing Director, Sabinsa

Also on the program are two outside industry experts who will contribute their unique perspectives:

  • Dr. Jeremy J. Johnson, assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy at the University of Illinois at Chicago where he has an active research
program evaluating natural products for health promotion.
  • Dr. Stephen Daniells, Senior Editor, Food Team USA, NutraIngredients USA. Dr. Daniells holds a PhD in Chemistry from Queen's University, Belfast, Ireland, which informs his in depth reporting for NutraIngredients USA.

"These presentations are designed to benefit the audience, and their customers, by presenting in-depth information about the science supporting Sabinsa's ingredients and technologies," said Muhammed Majeed, PhD, Sabinsa's Founder. "While the primary focus will be on the most popular categories, our guests will also be the first in the industry to have a preview of some new innovations from our robust R&D division."

The program, taking place at Thanksgiving Point, 3900 N. Garden Drive in Lehi, Utah, will start with Registration and Breakfast at 8:00 AM MST, followed by sessions starting at 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM, with tea/coffee breaks and lunch. If you would like to register for this event, please contact your Sabinsa representative.

Sabinsa on Wheels will be also offered on the West Coast and East Coast. Stay up-to-date by visiting website for the latest show information, directions and other updates. Previous Sabinsa on Wheels programs were conducted worldwide, including Australia, Europe, Japan and South Korea


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