Press Release 2012

Sabinsa has been granted the company's 70th patent on February 21, 2012. This US patent, # US8119696 is entitled Treatment of superficial and cutaneous mycoses with a pure form of 1,7-bis(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-3,5-heptanedione. The patent covers the company's TetraPure® ingredient for hair, skin and nails.

Protected inventive features include:

  1. A method of treating superficial and cutaneous mycoses in humans
  2. The superficial and cutaneous mycoses conditions are Pityriasis versicolor, Seborrhoeic dermatitis, Dandruff, Follicular pityriasis, Tinea nigra, White piedra, Black piedra and onychomycosis.

Approximately 90% of fungal skin infections are caused by 'dermatophytes', which are parasitic fungi affecting the skin, hair and nails, out of which fungal infection of nails is the most common. Skin is affected by fungus because it feeds on keratin. Hair fungus invasion occurs on the hair shaft. It is manifested as itchy, scaly flakes of the scalp (dandruff) or inflammatory abscess that may result in permanent hair loss. People on strong antibiotics are also at risk of fungal infections, as antibiotics kill not only damaging bacteria, but healthy bacteria as well. This alters the balance of microorganisms and results in an overgrowth of fungus.

TetraPure is highly effective against a wide range of fungi and therefore a natural replacement for anti fungal agents and topical steroids, which may have significant side effects. It can be used in cream, shampoo, ointment, lotion, spray, or powder form for topical application in hair care, skin care and nail care formulations. TetraPure effectively relieves skin discomforts due to fungal infections and offers a soothing solution to relieve redness, irritation, scaling, itching, and burning associated with fungal infections. TetraPure can be used in all ranges of healthcare and cosmetic products for maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails.


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