Press Release - 1997

On August 12, 1997, the United States Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Bacopin® the registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation (trademark registry #: 2,087,229).

Sabinsa Corporation also announced a further discount in the price of Bacopin® as a mark of appreciation for its loyal clientele.

Bacopin®, commonly referred to as Brahmi, is a powdered extract of the plant Bacopa monniera and is standardized to contain a minimum 20% total bacosides A & B. In clinical studies, Bacopa monniera has been shown to be a useful agent for renovating and revitalizing components of intellectual behavior in children. In adults, Bacopa monniera has been reported to be effective in reducing anxiety levels, thereby allowing improved brain functioning, in terms of memory enhancement and elevated mental performance.




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