Citrin®K FAQ


What is Citrin K?
  • Citrin K is a natural weight loss aid that has been demonstrated in pre‐clinical and clinical studies
  • Citrin K is a standardized extract from Garcinia cambogia enriched with potassium salt
  • Citrin K is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)
What is the active ingredient?
  • The active compound is the potassium salt of hydroxycitric acid (HCA)
What is the content of Citrin K?
  • Citrin K contains 50 to 60% of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and 28-­‐35% of potassium
What is the source of the extract?
  • Citrin K is obtained from Garcinia cambogia, cultivated in Southern India
How does Citrin K lead to weight loss?
  • Citrin K competes with citrate for the enzymatic activity of ATP citrate lyase in the cytoplasm. As a result, less acetyl coenzyme A is formed from citrate. Acetyl coenzyme A is a major precursor of fatty acids and malonyl coenzyme A. Because of it, Citrin K:
  • Suppresses lipogenesis *
  • Stimulates the metabolic rate of fat burning *
  • Diminishes appetite *
Are clinical studies available on HCA as a weight loss aid?
  • Yes, clinical studies have demonstrated that HCA is a potential weight-­loss aid
  • Preclinical studies have been conducted in cell culture and laboratory animals using HCA
Why is the potassium salt of HCA superior to HCA?
  • Potassium improves penetration of HCA into the cytoplasm
  • The potassium salt of HCA is more available where it competes with citrate molecules for the enzymatic activity of ATP citrate lyase
Is Citrin K safe?
  • Citrin K’s safety and efficacy has been examined and approved by US and European manufacturers
  • Citrin K is safe; the LD50 value of HCA is more than 2000 mg/kg for intraperitonial administration and more than 4000 mg/kg for oral administration
  • Citrin K is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)
Are there any side effects?
  • No serious side effects nor adverse effects have been reported
Is the plant sustainably harvested?
  • Yes, Citrin K is extracted from sustainably-­grown Garcinia cambogia
Is Citrin K GMO?
  • No, Citrin K is not a genetically-­modified organism
What about Allergen-­free, Kosher and Halal certifications?
  • Sabinsa’s ingredients are Kosher and Halal certified as well as Allergen-­free
Is Citrin K an ODI (Old Dietary Ingredient)?
  • Yes, Citrin K is an Old Dietary Ingredient, and GRAS
  • Citrin K can therefore be marketed immediately, without the need for pre-­market NDI notification
What is the suggested daily dose?
  • The suggested dose is 500 mg of extract (250 mg HCA) 30 min to 1 hr before meals-­3 times daily
Is Citrin K manufactured in a cGMP facility?
  • Sabinsa’s manufacturing facilities (located in India) are operated according to cGMP
  • They are FDA-­inspected and passed
Is Sabinsa’s Citrin K patented?
  • Yes, Citrin K is patented for
    • The suppression of appetite and induction of weight loss US patent 5783603
    • The production of potassium hydroxy citric acid and compositions containing the potassium hydroxy citric acid US patent 6770782


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