New Hope Network's Hall Of Legends Pays Tribute to Influencers With Enduring Impact
March 14, 2016

Sabinsa Corporation manufactures and markets phytonutrients, Ayurvedic herbal extracts and specialty fine chemicals for nutritional, pharmaceutical and food industries. Sabinsa has carved a niche for itself by its extensive research support for its customers and products, and the scientific credentials of its key technical staff. Founded in 1988 by Muhammed Majeed, Ph.D., Sabinsa is a company dedicated to the principles of tradition, innovation and research. Sabinsa's efforts have begun to earn the company vast recognition, in addition to growing sales.

Anaheim, California (March 14, 2016) – Sabinsa founder Muhammed Majeed Ph.D. was honored for his pioneering role in building the nutraceuticals industry when he was inducted into the Hall Of Legends at Natural Products Expo West on Friday March 11, 2016 in Anaheim California.

New Hope Network honors the industry’s greatest contributors each year in the Hall of Legends ceremony, with "12 individuals who have devoted significant portions of their lives making this industry what it is today.” In presenting the award, Fred Linder, New Hope Network Group President, said "Dr. Muhammed Majeed is, quietly, a groundbreaking figure in the nutritional and cosmeceutical ingredients industries. As the founder of both Sabinsa Corporation and Sami Labs, his commitment to utilizing science to discover why traditional Indian herbs are beneficial and then expand their applications has resulted in an array of unique branded ingredients backed by over 100 patents across the globe."

A table of Sabinsa staff and colleagues joined a ballroom full of people applauding as Shaheen Majeed, Sabinsa’s Marketing Director, accepted the award on his father’s behalf.

"He came as an immigrant to the United States with $8 dollars in his pocket; his ambition was to work and study - both of which he did," Shaheen said. "His business commitment was very clear, make the best ingredients, give the absolute best service and make sure it’s based on real science." Shaheen also noted that in a profile on Dr. Majeed in the book “Stepping out of the Brain Drain” by Michael Pistone & John Hoeffner the authors wrote that Dr. Majeed correctly anticipated and assessed the undeveloped market opportunity that existed in providing Ayurveda-based products to the developed world. They go on to say that Dr. Majeed has provided a service for an untold number of future scientists and entrepreneurs.

Lastly, Shaheen mentioned that his father’s foundation, The Dr. Majeed Foundation, which gives charitable contributions to schools and institutions worldwide by providing computers and rebuilding lecture halls, has recently taken on a mission to provide care to children with cancer.

New Hope’s description of Dr. Majeed’s impact on the industry can be read here:

Hall of Legends

Hall of Legends

Shaheen Majeed, Marketing Director, Sabinsa Corp. accepting New Hope Network Hall of Legends honor on behalf of his father, Dr. Muhammed Majeed.

About Sabinsa Corporation:

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Sabinsa's mission is to provide alternative and complementary natural products for human nutrition and well-being. Over the past 27 years, Sabinsa has brought to market more than 100 standardized botanical extracts, and privately funded clinical studies in conjunction with prestigious institutions in support of these products. With more than 100 full-time scientists conducting ongoing research in India and the United States, Sabinsa and parent company Sami Labs Ltd. continue to develop, patent and manufacture phytonutrients for the world market, with ingredients that are both Halal and Kosher. For more information, visit