When Dr. Muhammed Majeed (Founder & Chairman, Sami Labs-Sabinsa Group of Companies) immigrated to USA to pursue his MS in Industrial Pharmacy in 1975, he had only $8 dollars in his pocket. Like the protagonist of The Alchemist, Santiago, Dr. Muhammed Majeed was also to find his ‘treasure’ or his inner calling. His sheer desire helped him to achieve the current position out of nothing. The modern alchemist, Dr. Muhammed Majeed didn’t turn metal into gold but went on to the discovery of many nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals which helped mankind in protecting health and wellness.

Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, Dr. Majeed was no different and all the while pursuing his studies he looked out for opportunities in the USA. Scrutinizing several options, he established Sabinsa Corporation in USA during the 80’s with the objective of importing and marketing generic drugs into the USA. He identified the importance of basic research and gave due importance to it. Results followed and years later in 2016, he continues to head Sami Labs - Sabinsa Group, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of standardised herbal extracts and dietary supplements globally, that he established in 1988.

“It’s in the blood,” says Dr. Muhammed Majeed, Founder and Chairman, Sami Labs-Sabinsa Group of Companies about turning into entrepreneurship. “If I had not tried, I would not have known how good I’m in it. If I lost I always had a fallback position. I had an American Ph. D. and can easily seek a job. So I tried my luck and a lot of good people came along to help and I succeeded. Undivided focus, clarity of thought and attention helped me,”.