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New research expands upon use of curcumin C3 complex as an adjunct to chemotherapy

Sabinsa’s Curcumin C3 Complex® has been studied as an adjuvant therapy with several cancer drugs in the past, and the body of science continues to grow with the recent publication of more positive research.

In continuation of two earlier related studies, researchers at the University of Leicester in the UK published the results of a phase IIa, open-labeled trial in which 27 subjects with metastatic colorectal cancer were randomized to take FOLFOX or FOLFOX + Curcumin C3 Complex (CUFOX). The study was directed towards the evaluation of safety, and efficacy of treatment via progression-free survival and overall survival. In general, CUFOX was well tolerated by all the subjects. Where causality was reported as possibly or probably related to curcumin were primarily gastrointestinal in nature, with the most common being diarrhea. In the per-protocol group median progression-free survival was 171 days for FOLFOX and 320 days for CUFOX. Median overall survival was 200 days for FOLFOX and 596 days for CUFOX. This is the first randomized controlled trial of CUFOX in metastatic colorectal subjects which has shown the safety and tolerability of CUFOX in subjects...

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