curcuma longa , curcumin extract, health benefits of curcumin

What's in a Name?

Written By - Shaheen Majeed 29 September 2020

Sometimes a name tells a story. Here’s one that came from Sabinsa’s R&D scientists’ obsession with turmeric extracts:

curcuma longa , curcumin extract, health benefits of curcumin

Curcuminoids are yellow-colored active principles present in turmeric (Curcuma longa) and have proven health benefits. However, recent studies reveal that curcumin undergoes metabolic conversion by the intestinal microbiota, specifically curcumin in the human intestine is converted into tetrahydrocurcumin (Reductive metabolite) by E. coli. The process is found to be the same with other curcuminoids.

Studies observed that, after oral ingestion of curcuminoids, various tetrahydrocurcuminoids are detected in the blood serum, supporting the role of curcuminoid metabolites in the health benefits of curcuminoids.

Because of Sabinsa’s three decades of experience in curcumin research and product development, we know it inside and out. Our understanding the importance of tetrahydrocurcuminoids led to the development of a process to convert the yellow curcuminoids into white tetrahydrocurcuminoids.

Sabinsa being Sabinsa, we wanted to share it with the world, which is how the product Curcumin C3 Reduct® was born. “Reduct” in the brand name comes from “reductase,” which is an enzyme that catalyzes a reduction reaction. This reduced reaction is everything required to harness the full health benefits of in turmeric. This name definitely tells the story.

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